We Accept:

Fall and Winter CLOTHING. Closed-toed shoes and open toed shoes. Shorts and short sleeve shirts are accepted year round, SCHOOL UNIFORMS, Clothes with Fall and Winter themes. Jeans, Khakis, and light weight long sleeve shirts are accepted year round. We also accept sporting equipment, outdoor toys, toys, books, DVD's, name brand stuffed animals, baby equipment, children's furniture, children's bedding and children's room decor.

We Don't Accept:

Hand painted furniture, VHS tapes, Non-Name Brand stuffed animals, and used undergarments. Antiques, Collectibles, Glass items, Dishes, Decorative Lamps or Mirrors, breast pumps (Elvie and Willow accepted), CAR SEATS MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD, All cribs manufactured before December 2010. Heavy jackets, sweaters, lined boots. Clothing with Fall and Winter themes.